Mecalit: Total Customer Care

The customer with all his wishes forms the focus for MECALIT. This is the practiced company philosophy.
Meeting customer’s wishes in the short term, but above all in the long-term, is our objective and we expect ourselves to meet this challenge.


Mecalit meets this challenge by . . .

  • developing innovative products and technologies,
  • targeting a zero-error production of supplied products,
  • flexible and real-time supply to our customers,
  • 100% supply ratio for quantity and deadline,
  • cost optimisation and economical viability while maintaining demanding quality


. . . and is rewarded by its customers.

Every two years B/S/H – Bosch und Siemens households appliances group selects around 40 suppliers out of the several thousand B/S/H suppliers and honours them for their outstanding services. The honour is based on the criteria of quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation and price structure.


For 1992 and 1993 MECALIT received this coveted award for the first time based on a strict points and selection process. Due to its outstanding performance, MECALIT finally received the valuable prize for several years in sequence.