Mecalit possesses extensive know-how

MECALIT possesses extensive know-how in the application of different injection moulding and processing technologies as well as the use of different materials and material combinations. On top of this, we have years of experience in the development of a wide product spectrum.
From sophisticated design parts and complex system assemblies to special functional parts, MECALIT offers its customers the possibility to realise a wide spectrum of products with one partner.

Condensation collecting pipe for laundry dryer. The fully-automatic production comprises injection moulding, heating element welding, 100% pressure checking and packing processes. Service and maintenance flap for laundry dryer Cover and ventilation unit for laundry dryer

Pump cover for industrial steam oven with vertically adjustable hygiene sealing. Special plastics can withstand persistent extreme temperature stress of 200º C.

Socket and fixing part for electric components made of V0 plastic. Manufactured in various designs
using exchangeable inserts.
Tram seat manufactured using hybrid technology. Supports made of glass fibre reinforced plastic with foamed inner core.

Storage unit made of transparent polystyrene Door end unit Door end with foamed seal and door fixation